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Justin is a highly skilled massage therapist with a background in the United States Marine Corps, where he served for 7 years with honor. He has a 3.9 GPA from Utah College of Massage Therapy and has gained extensive experience working at Elements Massage in South Jordan Utah. In 2018-2019, he founded the brand REMassage. In order to further his education, Justin attended the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics and received certification in advanced Trigger Point Therapy, MyoFascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique, and the Niel-Asher Technique. He is also a Graston Technique Specialist and is well versed in Medical Massage. REMassage officially launched in Eagle Mountain, Utah in July 2020 and became a Subchapter S Corporation in August 2021. REMassage has received over 370 five-star reviews from MassageBoook, Facebook, Google, and other platforms, and is highly sought after within the community.

What REMassage is all about

We’ve evolved physical Healthcare

As professional massage therapists with licenses, we provide exceptional physical care to assist our clients in attaining optimal health and wellness. Our team is highly trained in various methods, such as manual therapy, massage therapy, osteopathic techniques, advanced trigger point therapy, among others. We are dedicated in assisting our clients to find the best therapist to meet their unique needs and reach their targeted outcomes. Our main focus is to provide high-quality care to all of our clients.
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With a simple but yet “complex” approach

At our clinic, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through individualized care and attention. Our team of proficient and empathetic therapists is committed to aiding you in reaching your objectives and resolving any difficulties you may have. We provide various modalities to select from, and our therapists will collaborate with you to design a tailored plan of care that addresses your personal needs and aspirations. Allow us to assist you in taking charge of your health and wellbeing. We look forward to seeing the remarkable progress you'll make with us!
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Get the correct treatment for your individual needs.

REMassage (Deep Tissue)

REMassage uses smooth, gliding strokes infused with amazing technique, flow and incredible sets of unique and seamless transitions. This option is a firm and/or deep but gentle pressure that promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension in order to create many health benefits. REMassage is an amazing session that will ease your stress […]
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Medical Massage

Book your 30-60 minute Clinical interview today. Clinical interviews consist of multiple movement tests to find pain patterns and loss of ROM (range of motion) to determine pathologies in order to deliver you the proper treatment. You’ll be notified shortly after your interview to discuss findings and to schedule your medical session. Your medical […]
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Advanced Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point massage therapy addresses a particular type of knot in the muscles that can cause localized and referred pain. To diagnose a trigger point, the massage therapist may test for a “jump” reflex when the point is palpated. This response distinguishes it from other types of muscle and joint pain. To release the knot, […]
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Prenatal Massage

The ever-present discomfort of pregnancy can leave many mothers-to-be craving massage. Because it is unsafe for untrained practitioners (or spouses) to provide massage to pregnant women, it is important to book a prenatal massage in Eagle Mountain only with a qualified, licensed massage therapist. Our massage therapists are certified in prenatal massage and can provide […]
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Vacuum/Smart Cupping

Massage Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. While massage performed by applying pressure, cupping instead uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues. The suction from vacuum cupping and/or electronic cupping forces blood flow into pain zones. This expands and breaks open tiny […]
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It’s time to feel the difference.
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