What is Cupping Therapy and How Does It Affect My Health?

REMassage (Deep Tissue)

Think of REMassage as the essential baseline component in tailoring your massage experience. It forms the foundation upon which you can add a variety of enhancements, all conveniently accessible through our add-on options during the booking process. This is your chance to craft a massage that aligns with your preferences, combining the calming foundation of […]
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A couple watching a sunset together, developing oxytocin.

Couple's Connection

(BaseLine) Note - Booking your couple's connection appointment online may not secure your desired time. To ensure the time you want, it's advisable to check the availabilities by calling in before booking your session. If you have a preference of which therapist you would like to work on you, you can specify this information for […]
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(Available in Add-ons November) Step into a sanctuary of pure bliss, where the rhythmic dance of skilled hands is enhanced by the delicate caress of warmth. Envision a world where stress fades into oblivion, replaced by an enveloping sensation that eases muscles, nurtures the spirit, and ignites a symphony of relaxation. With each masterful stroke, […]
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Bamboo Fusion Massage

(Add-on / Available Dec 1st) As you embark on this journey, leave behind preconceived notions and open yourself to a world of possibilities. It's a voyage that promises to unlock new dimensions of tranquility, rekindle your spirit, and awaken your senses. Be prepared to be astonished as the boundaries of traditional massage are gently pushed […]
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Duo Massage

(BaseLine/Call for availability) A duo massage, also known as a four-handed massage, is a mind blowing and indulgent massage experience offered by REMassage. This unique massage technique involves two massage therapists working together in tandem to provide a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage to one person. REMassage has a very unique way of performing duo […]
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

(Call for availabililty) Lymphatic massage, also known as, Manual Lymphatic Drainage or (MLD) is a therapeutic technique that emphasizes the optimal circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Through the application of gentle, rhythmic movements and precise hand placements, trained practitioners support the movement of lymph fluid, assisting in the elimination of waste, toxins, and […]
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Medical Massage

(Call to Schedule your clinical interview) Escape the clutches of chronic pain and embrace a transformative solution – the captivating realm of medical massage awaits! Step away from the perilous precipice of potentially pointless and debilitating surgeries along with the treacherous maze of potent pain medications. Picture a world where skillful hands unravel the knots […]
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Colorful cannulas that deliver oxygen therapy

O2Revive (Oxygen Therapy)

Add-on by choosing other Baseline Treatments) Oxygen recreational therapy, often referred to as "oxygen therapy," is a wellness practice that involves inhaling purified oxygen voluntarily to enhance relaxation and overall well-being. Unlike medical oxygen therapy, which is prescribed by healthcare professionals for specific medical conditions, recreational oxygen therapy is sought out for non-medical purposes. It […]
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(In Development) Welcome to REMassage, where we're excited to introduce you to the future of relaxation and wellness. Imagine a massage experience that blends cutting-edge technology with expert care, elevating your session to new heights. Get ready to embark on this innovative journey as we redefine the meaning of results through the power of thermal […]
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Graston Technique®

(Available in Add-ons soon) In the realm of physical therapy and rehabilitation, a groundbreaking technique is quietly transforming the way we address various musculoskeletal concerns. Born out of innovation and precision, this method combines the expertise of skilled clinicians with uniquely designed instruments. It's a therapeutic approach that holds the promise of accelerated healing, enhanced […]
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