Craft Your Own Membership

Discover the Ultimate Membership at REMassage, where your wellness journey is entirely in your hands. We believe in tailoring every aspect of your experience to suit your individual preferences and needs. 

Have you ever imagined a membership plan that we don't currently offer but would love to have? Well... We may not have thought of it yet, but you can make it a reality. Design a membership to seamlessly align with your lifestyle. You will now have the power to do so. Craft your Experience by creating a wellness journey that speaks to you. From the duration of your sessions to the specific massage modalities, it's all about what resonates with your well-being.

Experience the ultimate indulgence with unlimited VIP upgrades that elevate your sessions with premium enhancements and exclusive perks that ensure each visit is extraordinary. Enjoy the luxury of custom roll-over lengths, including non-expirations, making sure your unused sessions remain available for you whenever you're ready to unwind. Your convenience matters to us. Indulge in REMassage priority booking, effortlessly securing your preferred time slots and ensuring your relaxation seamlessly integrates into your schedule, even during closed hours.

Share the joy of wellness with loved ones through transferable sessions, extending the benefits of relaxation to those closest to you. Embrace a membership that's as unique as you are. At REMassage, our commitment is to provide an experience that's not just personalized, but truly transformational. Design your well-being soon!

Member $/Month

  Coming 2024

Members are exempt from online booking convenience fees.


Prioritize your well-being with R-Member Membership: monthly 60-minute REMassage, 10% off one extra session of your choice. No rollovers.

Normally $80

Member $65/Month

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Prioritize well-being with RE-Member Membership: monthly 75-min REMassage, 10% off one extra session of your choice with 1-month rollovers.

Normally $100

Member $80/Month

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Experience REM-Member Membership: monthly 90-min REMassage, 15% off 2 extra sessions of your choice with 1-month rollovers.

Normally $120

Member $95/Month

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Discover Reflect plan: three 60-min sessions monthly, 15% off one extra session, and 2-month rollovers.

Normally $240

Member $195/Month

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Experience Elevate plan: three 75-min sessions monthly, 20% off one extra sessions and 2-month rollovers.

Normally $300

Member $210

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Magnify plan: three 90-min sessions monthly, 25% off 3 extra sessions, share discounts, and 3-month rollovers.

Normally $360

Member $255/Month

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REMassage Series

Looking for flexibility without committing to a membership plan?
Our REMassage Series could be the perfect solution for you. 

(Convenience fee does apply)

It’s time to feel the difference.
It’s time to feel the change.