R      e      a      c      h   for  the   T A R S   


~ R  E  i  M  a  g  i  n  e  d  ~

~ S  T  A  R  P  O  I  N  T ~

StarPoint gives back to you because of your own dedication to yourself. This is something that is admirable. Respectable. Achievable. StarPoint is a system that creates an incentive that helps you to help yourself. An incentive you can follow and chase down. You are essentially rewarded for this journey of yours. Achieving an X amount of Points will allow you to purchase the StarKeys that you see on the main page. They can be purchased here in the StarPoint System. The prizes are amazing!  They are very well thought of and are not cheap by any means. Although, the rank of key you choose will determine the grandness of your prize. I very much look forward to your journey there and all the progress along the way and as always...

Feel the dREaM & Rest Easy.

C  o  n  s  t  e  l  l  a  t  i  o  n      C  h  a  r  t

How to catch StarPoints


Become a Star Member

Joining a REMembership will automatically grant you StarPoints! The amount you find will depend on the Plan you choose. 

Silver  -  5 Stars every renewal 

Gold   - 10 Stars every renewal

Plat     - 15 Stars every renewal 

Star    - 40 Stars every renewal


Begin Star Sessions

Star sessions are the services that have stars attached to them. Depending on the duration of the treatment will determine how many stars you have caught. Capture as many as you can.


Write a Review

Enjoyed your massage? Write a review about your experience. Not only does it help out your therapist  but,  gains you 5 extra StarPoints for another future session. 

Remember, this isn't a one time deal. There are multiple ways you can leave a review. MassageBook, google, FB etc.


Refer a friend

Referring a friend is an easy way to gain StarPoints. Bring a friend in and catch 5 Stars. Bring as many as you would like. There is no limit. (Referrals must complete their session before StarPoints are awarded)


Learn massage together

By enrolling in Learn Massage Together basic workshop, you'll have learned one of the greatest relationship tools of all time. On top of that you'll have caught 25 StarPoints by doing it.


Give a massage

Purchase a Gift card and give it to a deserving person in your life. Leave it anonymous or let'em know it was from you. Either way, it's good Karma. Catch 5-10 StarPoints depending on the Gift Card amount.


Share the Journey

Share your journey by becoming Gold, Platinum or a Star Plan Member. These are Memberships permitting allotted sessions to be distributed with someone who will take the journey with you. Each session you share will earn you 5 StarPoints. 


Collect Emblems

50 StarPoints


Release the Constellation

How many StarPoints have you caught? Unsure? Go to your MassageBook account to find out or email REMassage at REMassageUtah@gmail.com .You can also call/text me at 801.900.9998 

Afterwards, go ahead and decide which key you'd like to purchase. Remember... Once you use your StarPoints on one of the keys, those StarPoints will be spent. One key can on Good Luck! You will have 24 hours to decide once you choose a key and get the password whether you're going to keep saving or keep that  key. Good luck!









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