REMassage (Deep Tissue)

REMassage (Deep Tissue)

Think of REMassage as the essential baseline component in tailoring your massage experience. It forms the foundation upon which you can add a variety of enhancements, all conveniently accessible through our add-on options during the booking process.

This is your chance to craft a massage that aligns with your preferences, combining the calming foundation of REMassage with choices like upgraded lotions and soothing topicals to Muscle Energy Technique and O2 Revive, all adapted to your relaxation and well-being needs. Additionally, you can incorporate other beneficial modalities such as Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping Therapy and more. The possibilities are extensive, ensuring your time with us is a fully personalized and enjoyable experience.

What Is Deep-Tissue Massage?

Deep-tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that works out knots and kinks deep in the muscles. These knots and kinks are usually the result of ongoing tightly held tensions, such as those that occur during a workday, resulting in your muscles hardening and freezing up, leaving you unable to relax and let go.

When you book a REMassage in Eagle Mountain, your massage therapist will use their hands, fingers and possibly their elbows to manipulate these knotted muscles, smoothing them out and leaving them long and soft again.

Why Choose Deep-Tissue Massage?

While many clients book massages for relaxation purposes, a massage with a deep-tissue masseuse is more therapeutic. Working out the knots and kinks in your muscles can be mildly uncomfortable, but you will see the benefits of this massage within minutes. Your once-tight muscles will have released the tension they were holding, allowing you to move freely once again.

It is natural to wonder how long the effects of a deep-tissue massage last, but the answer is often dependent upon the client themselves. Knots and kinks form in your muscles due to tension that is held for long periods of time. Encountering the same stressors without developing new relaxation techniques and coping mechanisms may result in the knots and kinks returning faster, necessitating another deep-tissue massage.

Some of our clients who come in for deep-tissue massages need only one or two per year, while others require one per month. Yoga, meditation and lifestyle changes can help a deep-tissue massage last longer.

Uses of Deep-Tissue Massage

While anyone can benefit from a deep-tissue massage, this type of massage therapy is especially helpful for chronic injuries. A deep-tissue massage helps relieve pain from car accidents, falls and work-related injuries.

Sports injury massage often utilizes deep-tissue techniques as well. A sports injury massage is not just for serious athletes either; we often treat distance runners, weekend cyclists and hikers with back, knee or ankle pain. In fact, sports injuries are more common among amateurs because they do not always condition properly and tend to practice their sport sporadically.

Sciatica pain massages also often take a deep-tissue approach. Sciatica, a pain that originates in the sciatic nerve in the buttocks and radiates down the leg, can be debilitating. Traditional Western medicine treats sciatica with powerful pain relievers, surgery and steroid injections — all of which make sciatic pain massage an attractive option.

If you're looking for a massage therapist who truly cares about your well-being and will go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best treatment possible, look no further than Justin. With his impressive training and expertise, he has the knowledge and skills to address a wide range of issues and help you feel your best. Plus, with a long list of satisfied clients and glowing reviews, you can trust that you'll be in good hands with Justin at REMassage. Don't wait any longer to get the relief and relaxation you deserve – book a session with Justin today and experience the transformative power of REMassage.

Sample 60-Minute REMassage Session Breakdown:

In a REMassage 60-minute session, the following breakdown is provided as a general guideline, while keeping in mind that this can be fully customized based on each client's unique needs and preferences:

  • 25 minutes: Focus on the back, targeting areas of tension and relaxation.
  • 5 minutes: Address each arm and hand, providing soothing relief.
  • 5 minutes: Work on each leg, foot, and gluteal region to release tension.
  • 5 minutes: Repeat the leg, foot, and gluteal work on the other side.
  • 5 minutes: Further attention to the other leg in the supine position.
  • 5 minutes: Address the other leg while the client is supine.
  • 10 minutes: Dedicate time to the neck and scalp for a comprehensive relaxation experience.
REMassage (Deep Tissue)