We will Learn

Join me for Massage Your Partner 3-4 Hour Hands on Workshop


We will learn


1.  How to create a relaxing massage "room" environment

2.  3-4 basic massage techniques that you can use for a full body session

3.  Using just the right amount of pressure

4.  The flow of giving a great massage

5.  Using your intuition, and intention

Almost anyone can give a great relaxation massage after learning the basics. You'll benefit from all the health benefits of massage, fewer headaches, deeper sleep, and less muscle tension, and enjoy spending this time with your partner. A weekly massage can cost over $4,000 dollars a year, and it's a great investment in your health, but if that's not in your budget, this class is a smart investment.

Now you can experience all the advantages of regular massage in the comfort of your home! Sign up here, it's only $275 per partnership for this 4 hour workshop taught by a professional licensed massage therapist. That's almost equivalent to 4 Deep Blue Tissue Massages valued at 75 dollars a session, only now... They'ed be free! 

Workshop prices are subject to change depending on class size, unless it's a private session workshop You will be notified about any changes  up until the day of.

Table options -  massage table                                      

Choose one             massage chair

Floor options –  thick yoga mat                                         

Choose one             foam bed topper 

                                    thick blankets  

                                    Two or three pillows  

                                    Sheets & Blankets


What you should wear



(shorts, sports bra, robes)

                                                   At no time will you ever be asked / obligated to be fully                                                                   disrobed.  Although, this is an option, we will learn proper                                                           draping techniques in order to prevent bodily exposure if                                                             you choose the option of disrobing completely.



Massage oil/lotion will be provided to you as a part of your workshop course study

what you'll bring with you